Our Mission

Worcester Pride recognizes, promotes, educates and unifies the Central Massachusetts LGBTQI+ community, allies and supporters.
Worcester Pride welcomes participation in and volunteers for community goals and a variety of sponsored events and celebrates those who make specific strides to enhance the visibility of Worcester’s LGBTQI+ community. The participation of all, regardless of age, creed, gender, gender identity, HIV status, national origin, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation is welcome.

Please join the new committee Facebook page for information on the new ‘Worcester Pride’

We are known as the Family-Friendly regional Pride of New England. We have the largest kids zone of any regional pride, but certainly in our region!
Our Pride is “off cycle” for a reason. Years ago, it was decided that Worcester needed, as a town of 11 colleges, to have Pride when our students could participate, so we hold it in early September.
In addition, knowing our community goes to the larger market regional Prides, we have made a conscious choice to remain off cycle. Because we know the people of central Mass go to other regional prides, you will see us there as well! We make all of the large regional Prides and as many as our volunteers can make!

In loving memory of Worcester Pride’s “Madame Secretary” Gregory Gustafson